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The Life-Led Business course is ten weeks in duration. The content develops key skills in the following critical capabilities that are vital to successfully grow a business:

  1. Reducing the day-to-day stress and isolation of leading a business.
  2. Using life goals to drive positive change and improve decision making.
  3. Creating and managing strategy to reach a successful destination.
  4. Implementing tactical action to increase sales, productivity and profit.
  5. Ability to stay on course and motivated, through good times and bad.
  6. Forming and maintaining strategic relationships with high value contacts.

This course is completed online using the book ‘Life Led Business’ as the short course study guide (available to purchase on Amazon).

The learning sessions provide structured learning as you read through reading through business book, Life Led Business.

The Life Led Business book will be used throughout the four week course. The authors Elliot Forte and Jonathan Sharp have designed a series of simple to understand learning activities to help grow your business.

Amazon listing details:
Published 15 Sept. 2020
Language : English
Paperback : 157 pages
ISBN-13 : 979-8673489727

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